We are so grateful for your leadership and want to ensure that you are equipped to lead in your fullest capacity.  The following resources are available for your convenience to provide training and materials that you will be able to utilize as you lead.  We hope these resources will add value to your leadership and City Group. Our team is continuously working to add updated resources to this page so be sure to check in often. 



Sometimes, total life change happens in an instant, but more often it happens gradually. As City Group leaders, our primary role is to uncover the spiritual condition of group members and walk beside them leading them one step closer to God. What this looks like will be different for each person. Here are some practical examples to help you:

  • If a group member is not in a relationship with Christ, bring them to a church service where they can hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

  • Encourage group members to be water baptized.

  • Invite group members to complete the Growth Track.

  • Connect group members to our volunteers and other leaders at Grace City Church.

  • Introduce group members to the idea of daily prayer and Bible reading through the Life Journal.

City Groups will be most healthy when leaders take an active role in knowing each person in their group and intentionally helping them move one step closer to Christ.

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