• Employees who serve on-staff for a partial year receive pro-rated vacation days, based on percentage of the year worked.

  • Vacation days do not roll over from year to year.

  • Cannot miss 2 Sundays in a row.

  • Vacation days must be requested at least 45 days in advance and approved by your team's Lead Team member.

  • Blackout dates: Certain times of the year are categorized as especially important weekdays or Sundays for staff to be in the office. Please check the Grace City Calendar for the latest black out dates before you make a time off request.

  • Ministry outdates: Ministry outdates are tracked and subject to approval. Ministry outdates include preaching, leading worship, performing weddings, or other ministry-related activities at a church or other organization.


  • Full time staff members receive 10 days of vacation per year.

  • Days missed Sunday-Thursday count as vacation days.

  • Full time staff can miss up to 4 Sundays in a year, and can have 2 additional Sundays for ministry outdates.

  • No more than 2 team leads out at a time.

  • Only one full-time staff member from each team out at a time.

  • We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur outside of our traditional time off policy and workplace expectations. In the event that a nanny is sick, employees are permitted to bring their child to work with them. If a child is sick with a serious illness, employees are permitted to stay home with the child. In addition to emailing all full time staff ( to notify them, regular full time employees should notify their Team Lead and Team Leads should notify Christina Gard.


  • Stipend staff members are permitted to miss 4 paid Sundays for vacation, sickness, work, or other reasons per year. They are also permitted 4 additional unpaid Sundays per year.



  • Full time staff members who become pregnant are eligible for up to 4 weeks (20 days) of paid leave. They also receive an additional 2 weeks (8 days) of paid leave wherein they are required to be at church on Sundays as well as respond to phone calls and emails.

  • Full time staff who become pregnant are also eligible for an additional 6 weeks of unpaid leave.

  • Full time staff whose spouses become pregnant receive 2 weeks (8 days) of paid leave wherein they are required to be at church on Sundays as well as respond to phone calls and emails.


  • Stipend staff members receive up to 6 Sundays of unpaid leave. For the final 2 weeks of this unpaid leave, stipend staff members are required to respond to phone calls and emails.

  • Stipend staff members whose spouses become pregnant may take 2 unpaid Sundays off in a row rather than the typically allotted 1 Sunday. These Sundays are a part of the 8 unpaid vacation days allotted for the year.

In the case of both maternity and paternity leave for both stipend and full time staff, employees cannot request vacation days for 3 weeks following leave.